Unique Ways of Using Backsplash to Enhance the Interior & Exterior Look

There are so many way to enhance the interior and exterior look. But here we are talking about the unique way of using backsplash for enhance the interior and exterior look.

What is Backsplash?

A backsplash is basically referred to a material used to cover an area of the wall to protect it from water damage caused by accidental splash. Therefore, In home interiors, backsplashes are found in kitchens and bathrooms just behind the sinks and they span through the whole stretch of the counter. After that, In the kitchen, apart from water, the walls are also protected from grease splashes when cooking or preparing a meal. Also, While for the exterior part of a home, a backsplash would be found on the base of the walls in form of DPC (Damp Proof Course) also to protect the walls from water damage mostly caused from splashes of water during the rainy season.

Backsplash to Enhance the Interior

Materials that can be used as a Backsplash

Most backsplashes are made or constructed out of tile but other common materials used today are ceramic, stone, marble and even glass. However, It all depends on what you want and your budget. In my opinion, when choosing the right material to suit your design needs both the exterior and exterior, go for one that isn’t just beautiful and functional but also durable and easy to clean, like the ceramic tile. There is however one new and trendy material which is the sheet glass.

For instance, the use of backsplash has become more or less like a necessity in most homes. This is due to the amount of water being used in the kitchen and bathroom. Not having a backsplash installed creates a greater chance for damage to the walls even if you manage to control the water.

Backsplash homes

However, backsplashes go beyond just being functional, this is one aspect of interior and exterior home décor that the visual appeal as well as its functionality must be considered because both must work hand in hand. One with great taste can be creative when having a backsplash installed, making it a beautiful addition to the kitchen and bathroom for the interior or for the exterior as DPC (Damp Proof Course).

Ways in which backsplashes can be used to enhance the interior and exterior

Recently, with the availability of different types of backsplash materials, colors, and designs to choose from, home owners are now aware of the decorative potential it adds to the house. however, It all boils down to individual taste.

backsplashes kitchen

A backsplash used to enhance the exterior look of a home isn’t so hard to achieve because it not only protects the walls from being damaged by water splashes but also beautifies the exterior look of not only the building but the environment too. Having and attractive and class exterior already gives your visitors a taste of what the interior would look like. As earlier mentioned, the one and most important place you would find a backsplash in an exterior is on the base of the buildings externals walls called the DPC (Damp Proof Course). Because of the exterior factor and where it is placed the ideal material to use for the backsplash is the tiles. There are a lot of beautifully designed and colorful tiles that are durable and can be installed to taste of the home owner and still be at full functionality.

For the interior glam to be gotten from the use of backsplash, there are a variety of materials that can be applied to get that desired look in the kitchen and bathroom. And it is with the variance in materials that makes for the various ways one can enhance the interior look of a home.

Anybody can have a decent looking backsplash without having to empty their account because there are materials than can be use that both elegant and cost effective.

Enhance the interior follow the below points

Backsplash Interior
  • A regular classic tile can be arranged and installed in ways that look simple but also functional and fashionable, giving your kitchen its own unique/aesthetic look.
  • Looking for something a bit more glamorous but not too expensive then you can with the Corian material, looks like tile, has a solid surface and appealing to the eyes and easy to clean.
  • The material that though expensive always comes with its own unique class that can be used for a backsplash is the glass material and are designed in two specific ways, either as a full sheet of glass that has been cut to fit a specific area, or as tiles that are installed in a similar manner to that of ceramic tiles. Whichever one you choose be sure to have an amazing view after installation. With glass it makes either the kitchen or the bathroom feel bigger, light reflects off of it and spreads throughout, brightening up the entire place.

It is important to note that not all kinds of glass materials can be used as backsplash that make it both fashionable and functional.

Best type of glass for interior decoration

In conclusion, Not every glass type can be used in the interior decor of a building, so we would take a look at a few of the best types of glass for use in interior decor as shown below;

  1. Laminated glass, best suited for areas with high noise pollution
  2. Satin glass is a type of glass that promotes privacy but still a good material for interior decor and can be installed in bathrooms as bathroom doors.
  3. Patterned glass is one type of glass that has a decorative designed arranged on its surface and can be used as window shelves, kitchen.
  4. Clear glass can be used as a glass wall and allow for a perfect view of both outside and inside as well.

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