Recommendations to Use Secure & Durable Glass Types of Glass for Furniture at Home

Glass has been one of the many modern design materials that have been significantly used by both the interior designers and architectures to communicate a statement of simplicity, style, and class. With the different uses of glass, there has been the need to come up with various glass types with properties that will help them be of service for a longer time. Below are recommendations on how to use secure and durable glass types for furniture at home.

Sturdy bathroom glass countertop, cabinet glass, and shower doors

Secure & Durable Glass

With the countless ongoing bathroom renovation across the world, we are safe to say that glass is playing a significant role in adding a modernized finish to the bathroom interior. Glass has various uses in the bathroom, some of the methods include;

•    Glass cabinets

•     Glass shower doors  

•    Vanity glass countertops  

Glass shower doors are a great statement of the modern interior design.  The shower’s Framed, frameless and sliding glass doors are some of the basic types of glass doors available today in the market. However, with all these varieties you will need to ensure that they are most efficient and more so they are durable enough to keep you away from the shop for a long time. Consider the use of tempered glass in such designs. You need durable glass on shower doors to ensure that they don’t break easily in case of an accident. Tempered glass is strong, and its translucent nature makes it the best fit for shower doors and its enclosure.

Also, for a nice upgrade of your interior consider replacing your wooden bathroom cabinets with glass bathroom cabinets. They are not only good aesthetically, but also, they are hygienic because they are easy to clean and give the bathroom an overall clean finish. However, laminated glass is the best for cabinets because of its high shutter resistance. Cabinets doors are always slammed and are mostly at the risk of being broken at all times, thus why not use laminated glass that even after it’s broken, it doesn’t pose any threat to an individual life because of its broken pieces are not as sharp. Laminated glass is durable too and it would keep the place intact for the longest time.

The secure laminated glass tabletop

Glass for Furniture

Depending on where a table is placed, in one way or another, they always find their way to be the center of attraction in various rooms. Therefore, you have to consider making a beautiful purchase when it comes to the tables because they are a determining factor in the final finish of the interior. For a modern look consider buying a table with a glass tabletop because it is not just beautiful but also they are clean, stylish and classy. Available in various shapes, consider purchasing the laminated glass table tops because of their high shutter resistance and their durability. Also, they reduce the risk of injury after breakage, because the broken pieces have curved edges compared to the sharp ones of the regular glass.  

Backsplash made from tempered glass  

Backsplash made from tempered glass

A backsplash is a kitchen wall protective cover that is installed right above the kitchen sink to protect the kitchen wall from direct contact with dirty splashes from the sink. There are various types of backsplash whose choice will depend on your taste and preference. However, glass backsplash has proved to be the best fit because of its easy cleaning property. Therefore, when installed you should go for tempered glass backsplash which the best and secure type of glass that will ensure your safety and durability. You can make it look even better by adding LED lights around the backsplash which is supposed to add to the ambiance of the kitchen.

Strong glass kitchen cabinets

Strong glass kitchen cabinets

What beats a beautiful glass cabinet kitchen? This is a replacement of the old wooden cabinets that have always dominated the industry. Glass comes highly recommended for use in the kitchen because of its easy wipe downs, simple and clean finish. Apart from the backsplash, a translucent glass adds an excellent finish to the kitchen by its classy finish. However, the Kitchen area is a neutral space where everyone is can easily access. However, the glass usage puts it a much higher risk of damage and may end up hurting the person who might have caused the accident. It takes a particular type of glass to ensure that you are in tucked away from danger and reduces the risk of damage on the cabinets. Here you can either use tempered glass or laminated glass because they are both healthy and durable. Laminated glass is, however, better because of its high shutter resistance  

Tempered glass shelves  

A display glass panel is something to add aesthetics to space. What more significant way to do this than to use of a glass shelve. This is stylish glass panels laid horizontally and attached either to the wall or the connecting metallic rods. Glass shelves need to be secure since it’s supposed to hold on heavy cutlery in the kitchen and some heavy décor. Therefore, tempered glass would be the best fit for glass shelves because of its robust nature. However, you should make sure that the segments that hold it into place is firmly intact and can provide support for the whole shelve.

Secure laminated glass

Secure laminated glass Doors and side panels

Doors are grand statements of style especially when they are the first thing that everyone sees around your household. Therefore, you should choose the best designs that would fit your preference. The wooden doors cannot be considered outdated but rather antiques doors because they are beautiful and unique in their style. However, the glass doors are trendy. They are classy and sophisticated in a simple way making them one of the best designs for the door. You will have to ensure it is translucent, stable and secure. The character of a laminated glass fits right into place and also considering its high shutter resistance. Furniture at home should be kept safe and protected from easy damage because some of them are made of special memories that would be lost if they were destroyed.   

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