How to style a daybed with pillows

Daybeds are a versatile and stylish piece of furniture that can serve as both a comfortable place to lounge and a functional bed for overnight guests. To make the most of your daybed, adding pillows is an excellent way to enhance its style and comfort. Here’s how to style a daybed with pillows:

How to style a daybed with pillows

Start with a Base Layer

To create a cozy and inviting look, begin by placing a few basic pillows on the daybed. Start with a pair of standard-sized pillows, preferably with a neutral-colored cover, to create a base layer. These pillows will serve as a foundation for the rest of the pillows you’ll be adding.

Add Some Accent Pillows

Now that you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time to add some accent pillows. These pillows can be smaller in size and come in a variety of colors and patterns to add a pop of visual interest to the daybed. Be sure to choose accent pillows that complement the base layer and the overall color scheme of the room.

Mix and Match Shapes and Sizes

To create a more dynamic and visually interesting look, mix and match different shapes and sizes of pillows. For example, try adding a lumbar pillow or two to the back of the daybed to provide additional support for your back. Bolster pillows are another excellent option that can add both visual interest and comfort to the daybed.

Consider Texture

In addition to mixing and matching different shapes and sizes, consider adding pillows with different textures to create a more tactile and inviting look. Faux fur, velvet, and woven fabrics are excellent options that can add a cozy and luxurious feel to the daybed.

Don’t Overdo It

While it’s tempting to add as many pillows as possible to the daybed, it’s essential not to overdo it. Too many pillows can create a cluttered and overwhelming look, detracting from the overall style and functionality of the daybed. A good rule of thumb is to stick with no more than five to seven pillows, depending on the size of the daybed.

FAQ – style a daybed with pillows

How do you arrange a pillow on a daybed?

Start with the largest pillows as a base layer against the backrest, then layer smaller pillows in front, mix and match shapes and sizes, and consider adding texture for visual interest.

How can I make my daybed look nice?

To make your daybed look nice, you can add pillows and cushions in different shapes, sizes, and colors, layer blankets or throws, add decorative accents like vases or candles, and choose a complementary color scheme to tie everything together.

What is the purpose of a day bed?

The purpose of a daybed is to provide a versatile piece of furniture. Also, that can serve as both a comfortable place to lounge during the day and a functional bed for overnight guests. It is typically designed to be used as a seating area during the day. Additionally as a bed at night, making it a space-saving and multi-functional piece of furniture.

Final Touches

In conclusion, styling a daybed with pillows is an excellent way to enhance both its style and comfort. By following these tips, you can create a cozy and inviting look that complements the overall style of your room. Remember to mix and match different shapes, sizes, and textures while keeping it simple and not overdoing it.

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