Does Backyard Patio and Swimming Pool Add Value To a Home?

The hot summer sun often inspires a lot of homeowners with thoughts of building a swimming pool, one that can make a perfect summer oasis. Probably, this could be the best way to stay cool and make hot summer days enjoyable. However, for many, building a backyard patio and swimming pool remains a dream to be achieved in the future, and not an immediate possibility.

As a homeowner, you have probably heard several cautionary tales detailing the expenses involved in maintaining a pool. It can also be challenging to fit a pool in your challenging yard’s terrain. However, this shouldn’t be the first concern to note when thinking about building a swimming pool. The big question that homeowners should ask is if the pool will increase the value of your home.

For most, the answer is yes. However, it comes with a twist. You should factor in several tips and tricks to make your home backyard patio and swimming pool a plus investment and pass your aquatic dreams to the next potential owner.

Consider the Different Pool Types

Before constructing your home pool and backyard patio, you should consider the pool types. There is a significant difference between in-ground and aboveground pool. In-ground pools are relatively expensive, but are a permanent investment and make the best way to add some swimmy-value in your home. As the name details, in-ground pools are constructed into the ground of your garden or backyard and made from concrete.

On the other hand, aboveground pools are equally intuitive but installed above the ground. They are made of plastic and metal reinforcements and not permanent. Whereas you will invest some equally high amount installing this aquatic playground and landscaping your garden, they won’t provide a lot when it comes to boosting the resale value of your home.

Location Matters

The location of your home is a favorite real estate agent’s measuring stick and plays a significant role in guaranteeing a buyer’s interest in any property with a pool. Buyers often make the difficult choice between inheriting an investment that will boost their quality of life all year-round or one that will make their lives expensive and irritating even during summer. 

Areas with warm climates are the best places to construct a pool, as they get uncomfortable during the hot months of the year. If installing a pool enhances the quality of life rather than hindering, you will likely sell your property with a higher value and still find many interested buyers. Pools can help make a sale when living in high-end neighborhoods where nearly everyone owns a pool.

That aside, you should as well ensure that the styling of your backyard patio and swimming pool matches your home and surrounding the property and that it doesn’t take your entire outdoor space. The best swimming pool is one that makes sense for your home location and compliments your property. If it makes an expensive eyesore, avoid installing it.

Tips for Selling Your Home With a Pool

Selling your home with a pool successfully often comes down to great marketing. Making impressive, staged visuals and scheduling an open house day in your outdoor space is the best place to begin. That aside, consider doing the following;

  • Improve its appearance – real estate experts recommend not only staging your home for sale but also working on how you present it. To improve its appearance, consider fixing the surrounding landscape, trim overgrown landscaping, install several pool safety features and conduct an entire scrub-down removing all the pool clutter.
  • Perfect timing – another essential tip to sell your backyard patio and swimming pool easily is to time right. The pool should be open and functional during this time. Closed or covered pools often leaves potential homebuyers with a lot of worries and questions. That said, consider selling it when the weather is perfect and makes sense to have it open.

The Bottom Line – Does It Add Value?

If you are still weighing if building a backyard patio and swimming pool will increase the value of your home, consider several factors. First, you should consider hiring an appraiser to evaluate if these additions will add value to your property. In most cases, the appraiser will make a comparison with other properties that have swimming pools to provide a fair market value. For instance, if the home is worth $250,000 before and $300,000 after installation and the cost of installation is more than $50,000, then these outdoor additions won’t add value to the home.

That aside, as the homeowner, you get to decide if the backyard patio and pool will add some value to your quality of life. If you have children who enjoy spending their summer swimming, these additions will make the hot months bearable. This could be enough reason to justify owning a pool.

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