If you’re looking to discover what is the best modern platform beds to buy after the start of 2023, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed all the best models to help you discover which is the best platform beds.

Platform beds are worthy possessions indeed. Their characteristic flat tops and vast sleeping areas provide very stable platforms on which mattresses may be placed and are also very comfortable.

Given the fact that the field of the manufacture of platform beds is generally awash with innumerable players, most would-be users may often get mixed up as to which one specifically suits their liking and unique circumstance explicitly.

That’s why a review of this nature is by all means called for. It endeavors to shed more light on this subject matter. It does this by examining the various factors that ought to inform the choice of the right platform bed, a brief review of the top ten platform beds as of the year 2023, and some of the frequently asked questions, alongside other pertinent issues.

All these are done to enlighten would-be users and enable them to make more informed decisions. Also, if you are looking for traditional platform beds, you should look at the best cheap platform beds reviews.


To obtain the needed pieces of information, we examined the testimonials of past users of the best platform beds; Also, we discussed best modern wood platform beds, best modern king platform bed, and best platform bed frame. we’ve dug deep into the various manufacturers’ websites and also visited the different websites’ unique web pages. We then collated the data we received and generated this in-depth end product. You may thus count on it to provide you with accurate, reliable, and trustworthy information you need to make a more informed decision.

This research is significant to the prospective buyers as it provides a rough picture of what to anticipate and how better to navigate the field of the purchase of platform beds.


Identified and briefly reviewed below are the ten best platform beds as of the year 2023:

Top 10 Best Platform Bed In Summary

Platform BedSizeColor AvailableMaterial TypeOur Rating
Fujian Modern Platform + 2 Night Stands King (Oak)kingOak wood5.0/5.0
Greatime B1190 Modern Vinyl Platform BedFull, Queen, King, California KingBlack&whiteVinyl5.0/5.0
Impera Modern-Contemporary lacquer platform bedWood-Wood5.0/5.0
Napoli Modern Platform Bed-blackqueentBlackleathertte, wood5.0/5.0
Vitali Leather Red Queen Platform BedQueen, King, California King WhiteLeather5.0/5.0
Dorian Collection Faux Leather Diamond Tufted Platform BedkingLight BeigeFabrict5.0/5.0
Norwich Linen Modern Platform Bed, King, Light BeigeFull, King, Queen Black, White, Red, Dark BrownFaux leather, polyurethane foam, wood5.0/5.0
Greatime B1070 Contemporary Upholstered BedCalifornia King, Full, nKing, QueenDark BrownFaux leather, polyurethane foam, wood5.0/5.0
B8049-QB Victoria Leather Contemporary Platform BedQueen Size, California King Size, Eastern King SizeBrownFaux leather, wood. Upholstery fill: PVC foam5.0/5.0
Baxton Studio Hirst Platform BedKing QueenLight BeigeFabric5.0/5.0

1. Fujian Modern Platform + 2 Night Stands King (Oak) Platform Bed

Fujian Modern Platform + 2 Night Stands King

Young families are normally confronted with unique challenges. They have small children to bring up beside the two adults i.e. father and mother. For this reason, they generally require a larger bed that has plenty of space to accommodate all these three persons at a time. As shall be seen in the review that follows, this bed is able to fulfill that purpose, pretty well! This is one of the best platform beds in the world.

Features and Benefits

Hardwood Construction

The entire body of this bed is made of hardwood trees that are known to be durable and resilient to the various agents of wear and tear. For this reason, this bed is very reliable, long-lasting, and absolves its owners from the need for constant repairs and maintenance.

Wood Veneer Finish

It is finished using the renowned wood veneer finish. This finish protects the wooden surface from dampening, infestations by the common household insects, and enhances its beauty and general appearance at all times.

Detachable Nightstands

The bed can accommodate several detachable nightstands. These nightstands provide extra spaces on which lamps, laptops, and other essential items may be placed. The bed thus serves multiples roles at a time.

Extra Large

On the whole, the bed is enormous. It is capable of accommodating two mature adults at a time. It is hence suitable for whole family use, especially by those who have young children.


  • Comfortable

Given its large size, it is very comfortable to sleep on. Sleepers are spared of any aches or unnecessary pains. This is also the best platform bed in the market.

  • Great Aesthetics

The bed’s sleek and clean lines are fair to behold. The bed thus brings about great aesthetics to the rooms wherein it is placed.

  • Prestigious

Fujian, the manufacturer of this bed, is famed for producing high-quality products. The ownership of this bed thus bestows some level of prestige.

  • Stable

It is vast and massive, a fact that makes it all the more stable. Its users are spared the potential dangers of slipping, skidding, or falling.

  • Very Durable

Its hardwood construction, as has been alluded to above, is very strong. This means that on the whole, the bed is very durable.


  • Too Bulky

Because of measuring 93 inches wide by 91 inches long and weighing a whopping 350 pounds (158.8 kg), this bed is too way too bulky and difficult to handle around.

  • A bit Affordable

High-quality products of this kind are generally pricey. This bed is no exception. It is a bit unaffordable to many a would-be sleeper who may badly need it.

  • Lack of other Elegant Features

It lacks several other elegant features such as electric heaters and is as such not so much of a worthy purchase.


This bed is ideally suited for a family that has a small child involved. That’s because it is large enough to accommodate two fully-grown adults and a child in between them.

If yours is a small family that has a child involved, what are you waiting for? Grab this bed right away!


2. Greatime B1190 Modern Vinyl Platform Bed

Greatime Contemporary Upholstered Bed Full

To be able to move from one location to another, always, users inevitably require a bed that may be folded and transported easily. This is the niche of this bed. As shall be deduced from the ensuing review, it is compact and foldable enough to serve that very purpose.

Features and Benefits

Two-tone Design Platform

This design template features two layers of space onto which the mattresses and the bedding may be placed. This design template brings along maximum convenience to the user as it grants them a wider choice.

Sturdy Wooden Frame

The bed’s wooden frame is made of hardwood and is as such very sturdy. This construction guard against any slipping, fall-offs, and other associated dangers of instability.

High-quality Leatherette Cover

All the wooden components of the bed are covered with the famed high-quality leatherette. This provides added protection and also enhances the overall appearance of the bed.

Standard Size

Its dimensions are those of the standard size. This entails less storage space, the ability to accommodate standard mattresses and ease of use.


  • Comparatively Cheap

This bed is comparatively cheaper than most of its competing counterparts. For this reason, it is well within the budget pace of many a would-be user. Getting the best & cheap platform bed is not easy.

  • Compact Size

It is generally smaller than the other king size beds of its kind. This makes it quite simpler and convenient to lift around.

  • Stylish Appearance

In general, its appearance is very stylish. This means it also enhances the aesthetics of the rooms wherein it is placed.

  • Minimal Storage Space Requirement

 The fact that the bed may be folded means it requires less storage space whenever it is not in use.

  • Utmost Convenience

Its proximity to the floor greatly simplifies the procedures of embarking and disembarking from it.


  • Need for Assembly

You are required to assemble it before use. This may disparage you in case you lack the necessary skills.

  • Less Comfortable

The bed lacks box spring or other foundations. It is thus less comfortable compared to its competitors.

  • Inability to Accommodate Extra Features

 This bed lacks the ability to accommodate other features such as lampstands, detachable nightstands, e.t.c. As such, it is less of a worthy possession.


This bed is quite suitable for those who are constantly on the move as it is so designed as to allow for seamless storage and transportation.

In case you dwell in an apartment and are such constantly on the move, why not acquire one of these beds soonest possible?


3. Impera Modern-Contemporary lacquer platform bed

Impera Modern-Contemporary lacquer platform bed

For a bed to discharge its duties unhindered for the long run, it ought to be made of very tough and durable parts and components. This is designed to serve that particular need. Other than that, it also comprises other stylish features that make it stand out of the crowd, a shall be seen in the review that follows.

Features and Benefits

Curved Metal Headboard Accents

Its headboard is further accentuated with a curved metallic construction. This brings along the dual benefits of long-term reliability and enhanced aesthetics.

High-quality Lacquer Material Finish

The entire wooden component of the bed is coated with the famed high-quality lacquer material. This material is durable enough to prevent any percolation of water and with it, any possibilities of dampening or rotting.

Two-tone Headboard

It does have a two-tone headboard that has night lights attached. When these lights are switched on, they enhance the aesthetics of the room wherein the bed is placed.

Walk-on Platform

This platform greatly simplifies the tasks of embarking and disembarking the bed. That’s because it allows the sleepers to conveniently climb the bed and get out after sleeping.


  • Multipurpose

Apart from merely providing a place to sleep, it also grants users extra storage space by means of built-in drawers. It acquisition returns maximum value for money indeed. This is one of the best platform bed with storage.

  • Efficient Use of Space

By its ability to discharge numerous tasks, functions, and benefits in one comprehensive package, it returns the benefit of the efficient use of space.

  • Luxurious

 Plenty of sleeping space, elegant looks, and stylish designs all converge to confer maximum luxury to the users of the bed.

  • Stylish

The bed’s very own design and construction feature a stylish appearance. As such, the entire bed is fair to behold and breathtaking indeed!

  • Great Looks

The night light and the attachments greatly enhance the looks of the bed especially at night when they are switched on.


  • Weighty

Its weight is too high (300 pounds/136 kg). You may not handle it as conveniently as you may desire.

  • Very Expensive

 This is not your ordinary bed. As such it does cost, and understandably so, a lot of cash.

  • Bulky

 The bed’s overall dimensions are way too large to allow convenient handling and storage when not in use.


Lovers of style and fashion have this bed for their taking. That’s because it comprises all the elegant features that such a bed ideally ought to possess in one compact package. It is also the best platform bed with storage.

If you are a lover of fashion, waste no time. Grab this bed right away.


4. Napoli Modern Platform Bed-black

Napoli Modern Platform Bed-black

Apart from merely providing a place to sleep on, beds also play a secondary role in enhancing the beauty of the rooms where they are placed. This bed aims at solving all those issues at a go. It is very strong, durable, and features a stylish appearance on the whole.

Features and Benefits

All-wooden Frame

All the major part and components of the bed are made of hardwood which is famed for being very durable. As such, you may expect this bed to deliver all the various benefits for as long as can be the case.

High-quality Leatherette Upholstery

It is upholstered i.e. decorated using the high-quality leatherette. This confers the double benefits of high durability and stylish appearance in one compact package.

Excellent Design

Its entire design is inspired by the artistic expression of contemporary furniture designs. For this reason, the bed enhances the overall appearance of the bedroom besides discharging its primary role of providing users with a place to sleep.

Large Sleeping Area

It features a large sleeping area that measures 96 inches long by 72 inches wide. It may hence accommodate two fully grown adults at a time.


  • Attractive and Charming Appearance

Its design and construction feature a very attractive and charming appearance. This too enhances the interior décor of the rooms wherein the bed is placed.

  • Utmost Comfort

 Its sleeping platform is curved to provide a very comforting and relaxed surface. This is the bed of choice in case maximum comfort during sleep is a top priority.

  • Very Relaxing

 On the whole, the bed provides a very relaxed sleeping ambiance. Its use thus aids in the relief of stress and other emotional disorders.

  • Unparalleled Stability

The mattresses are supported by the bed’s slats. As such, the sleepers are conferred unparalleled stability throughout their sleep.

  • Compact Size

 This bed is large in size. However, it may be folded to reduce its size. Some attachments may also be removed to save on space.


  • Unsuitable for Constant Moves

This is not your bed in case you are that kind of a person who is constantly on the move. This is because the bed is a bit heavy (weighs 295 pounds/133 kg).

  • Costly

 This bed costs a fortune. You won’t find it affordable in case you lack the necessary financial muscles.

  • Limited Features and Capability

 The bed lacks certain important features such as electric heaters and is as such limited in scope and functionality.


This bed exudes all the benefits and stylish features of the ideal bed. For this reason, it is a one-stop-shop solution to all those who value style, appearance, long-term reliability, and value for money.

If you value style and appearance, this bed is indeed the one you have been looking for. Hurry and grab one as soon as possible.


5. Vitali Leather Red Queen Platform Bed

Vitali Leather Red Queen Platform Bed by Zuri Furniture

Constant movers generally require a light bed that may be easily lifted around. This light bed should ideally retain all the elegant features of a standard bed to guarantee similar if not better degree of satisfaction. This is the selling point of this bed.

Features and Benefits

Italian Leather-crafted Headboard

The headboard is covered with Italian leather that is famed for being durable and shiny in appearance. Users are assured of both long-term reliability and elegant appearance at the same time.

Unique Contrast Stitching Detail

It leather covering is stitched using the unique contrast stitching detail technique. This technique is very beautiful to the eyes. For this reason, the bed bestows a sense of classiness.

Perfect Crafting

On the whole, the bed is s crafted as to provide all the requisite benefits and reliability of the ideal bed. It is thus very stable, comfortable, and large enough to accommodate many persons at a time

Maximum Mattress Support

The support of the mattress is greatly enhanced by the existence of slats that are attached to the bed. By opting to utilize this bed, you stand to accrue a greater sense of comfort.


  • Portable

By reason of weighing just about 199 pounds (90 kg), this bed is light enough to carry around with ease.

  • No Assembly Required

It comes ready to use and as such no assembly is required at all prior to using it. This is a welcome relief for those who lack the necessary skills.

  • Exquisite Look and Appearance

 The overall design and construction of this bed are so awesome that its general appearance is breathtaking.

  • Large Sleeping Area

 The amount of space that the bed confers is way too large. This means greater room to the user besides being able to accommodate two fully grown adults.

  • Maximum Stability

Its ultra-wide base firmly entrenches it onto the floor and wards off any possibilities of skidding or slipping. This ensures maximum stability at all times.


  • Large Space Requirement

The bed is quite large and as such calls for an equally large space. This may disparage those who dwell in smaller homes.

  • Costly

As would be expected, this high-quality bed is also very costly and hence outside the budget space of many a would-be user.

  • Limited Applicability

Owing to its lack of elegant features and other storage compartments, the possible numbers of uses to which this bed may be put are fewer.


This is the most suitable bed for those whose lifestyles require regular shifting from place to place. Its light nature and ease of carrying around ensure that this happens unhindered.

If you are constantly on the move and would wish to expedite time while doing so, this is the bed to settle on.


6. Dorian Collection Faux Leather Diamond Tufted Platform Bed

Container Direct Dorian Collection Faux Leather Diamond Tufted Platform Bed

Average users or ordinary homeowners simply require a bed that may provide them with a place to sleep on, nothing more. This calls for a very simple yet stylish bed that has all the key traits and attributes of the ideal bed. That’s where this bed comes in.

Features and Benefits

Elegant Diamond Tufting

Throughout its entire body, the bed is tufted with Diamond decorations. This enhances the looks and the overall aesthetics of the rooms also.

Sturdy Wood Material Construction

The frame and slats are made of sturdy hardwood that is very tough and durable. For this reason, the bed is stable, sturdy, long lasting, and calls for limited incidences of repair and maintenance.

Lustrous Faux Leather Upholstery

Its exterior surface is upholstered i.e. decorated using the elegant lustrous faux leather. This material is tough, stylish, and elegant. It accords breathtaking views to the users of the bed.

Added Comfort

Its ability to accommodate box springs and other bedding greatly enhances its overall comfort. This results in better sleep patterns to the user.


  • Fairly Cheap

This bed is fairly cheap and within the easy reach of just about anyone who may want to possess it.

  • Compact

 Its overall dimensions are compact. For this reason, the bed is quite easy and convenient to move out and about the desired area of use.

  • Elegant

The bed generally features an elegant appearance that also contributes immensely to the overall beauty of the rooms wherein it is placed.

  • Portable

 By virtue of weighing just 130 pounds/59 kg, this bed is light enough to be lifted out and about a particular area of use.

  • Long-lasting

 All its crucial parts and components are made of tough materials that are resistant to the various elements of wear and tear. It is therefore very long lasting.


  • Bulky

 The bed is pretty large. As such, it is too cumbersome to lift around as should be the case.

  • Inconvenient

 Its height above the floor surface is 28.5 inches/72.39 cm. This is too high and predisposes its users to unnecessary inconveniences when embarking and disembarking it.

  • Less Accommodative

 Given the fact that it lacks the ability to accommodate several other accessories, it may not yield as many returns to the users as possible.


This bed is mainly suitable for general purposes i.e. it has no specific niche or distinguishing feature. It is hence suitable for the ordinary user or average household.

If you are the average user or ordinary home owner, what are you waiting for? Get hold of your own bed of this kind soonest possible.


7. Norwich Linen Modern Platform Bed, King, Light Beige

Baxton Studio Norwich Linen Modern Platform Bed, King, Light Beige

Ordinary persons require ordinary beds. This basically means that bed that has only the bare minimum that is required to enhance the comfort of the sleepers, nothing more. This bed is made with the goal of achieving this very need in mind.

Features and Benefits

Tufted headboard

This bed’s headboard is tufted to enhance its beauty and overall appearance. The bed, therefore, returns much more value than merely providing a place for sleeping.

Wedge-shaped Wood Legs

Its legs are shaped in the form of a wedge. This brings about maximum stability in the sense that it distributes the weight of the bed in a large surface area. Users are thus assured of the needed peace of mind.

Excellent Padding

The entire frame of the bed is padded by the use of Polyurethane fire-retardant foam-padding. This bestows the dual benefits of maximum comfort and elegant appearance at the same time.

Beige Linen-tufted Blend Upholstery

The exterior portions of the bed are decorated with the renowned Beige linen. This decoration is very appealing to the eyes and is also long-lasting. For this reason, the bed also confers the benefit of enhanced aesthetics.


  • Fire-resistant

 Its frame as are most of its other parts and components are fire-resistant. This safeguards its users against such dangers and also ensures long-term reliability.

  • Inexpensive

 On the whole, this bed is inexpensive and well within the budget space of just about any other prospective user.

  • Extra Comfort

 The bed’s entire framework is padded using the Polyurethane foam as has been stated. It, therefore, offers added comfort to the users.

  • Easy to Use

 No assembly is required at all, prior to the use of this bed. As such, all kinds of users may easily engage it.

  • Safe and Secure

 It has side rails that safeguard the sleepers against the risks of falling off at night. It is hence very safe and secure.


  • Difficult to Move Around

 Owing to the fact that it is neither fordable nor detachable, the bed may be quite cumbersome and intriguing to move around.

  • Minimal Clearance

 The space beneath the bed and the floor are too small and squeezed to allow for seamless cleaning.

  • Fewer Accessories

 It accommodates no extra accessory and is as such, not so beneficial to own and utilize.


As may be clearly seen from the foregoing review, this modern platform bed is by all means suited for the ordinary users who simply want a place to place their backs on. Its relatively cheap cost makes it all the more desirable.

In case you are an ordinary user, what are you waiting for? Look out for one of these beds and possess it right away!


8. Greatime B1070 Contemporary Upholstered Bed

Greatime B1190 Modern Vinyl best Platform Beds

The convenience of use is perhaps the single most important consideration while looking for any item of choice. That’s because convenience is the single most significant incentive for the preference of any item. This bed is designed with the need to confer as much convenience to the users as possible.

Features and Benefits

Sleek Curvature

The bed is designed in the form of a curvature i.e. one side is raised whereas the other side is almost a flat as a seat. This design is breathtaking indeed, and it also allows the bed to function more like a reclining seat.

Contemporary Design

It features a contemporary design that is epitomized by a great deal of sophistication and elegance. For this reason, the bed is able to exude all the benefits of a modern day piece of furniture.

Low height

Its sleeping area is located near the floor as possible. This greatly expedites the processes of getting on and off the bed. It also makes the bed very suitable for use by extremely old, weak, and disabled persons.

Cushioned Faux Leather Upholstery

The bed’s entire outer cover is decorated with the faux leather upholstery. This material is very durable, stylish in appearance, and offers water-tight protection to the entire bed and its components.


  • Multipurpose

 This bed may function both as a bed and a seat at the same time. For this reason, it returns higher value for the money invested and is thus a worthy purchase.

  • Relatively Inexpensive

 It does not cost so much and is hence well within the easy reach of many would-be users.

  • Less Space Requirement

 Its overall dimensions are smaller. It, therefore, requires less space to install, which is a relief to those who reside in tiny houses.

  • Water-resistant

The entire exterior of the bed is covered by the faux leather which is water-resistant. The bed is thus impervious and unable to be oaked or dampened.

  • Enhanced Interior Décor

 Its shiny outward appearance enhances the interior décor of the bedrooms where the bed is placed. This is also a plus to the users as it ensures higher returns for each purchase.


  • Assembly Required

 Some assembly is indeed just before eventual use. Users who lack the relevant tools-of-trade and technical know-how may find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

  • Low Clearance

 It has a low clearance i.e. the amount of space between the floor and underneath the bed. This may hinder the cleanliness of those areas.

  • Limited Applicability

 Due to the fact that it cannot accommodate several crucial accessories, it follows that it can only be used for a limited amount of tasks and purposes.


This bed may have its fair share of downsides, granted. However, it is very convenient for use and is as such, the ordinary homeowner’s worthy companion. It is the best platform bed for the money as it is relatively inexpensive.

If convenience is all you are looking for in a bed, then look no further than this one.


9. B8049-QB Victoria Leather Contemporary Platform Bed

US Pride Furniture B8049-QB Victoria Leather Contemporary Platform Bed

Average homeowners may often want a bed that has some touch and elegance over and above the mere ability to provide a place to sleep on. This is the need that this specific bed aims at fulfilling, as shall be seen in the review that follows.

Features and Benefits

Tufted Headboard Finish

This bed’s headboard is tufted and appropriately finished for extra beauty. It is therefore visually appealing to the users and also enhances the overall looks/aesthetics of the interior décor.

Curved Rails

It has curved rails that protect the sleeper from the risks of falling off. This means added protection to the users and maximum safety in the long run.

Wooden Base

Its base is made of hardwood. The base is also large enough to perfectly hold the mattress in place and offer the needed stability.

Padded Exterior

The bed’s entire exterior is padded with the PVC foam that is comfortable and long-lasting. This brings along the double benefits of comfort and long-run reliability.


  • Prestige and Opulence

 Its manufacturer and overall design are well known for style and elegance. The ownership and utilization of the bed thus bestow a sense of prestige and opulence to the users.

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal

 The bed’s finish and outward appearance are both fair to behold. As such, the bed does enhance the visual appeal of the room ambiance where it is placed.

  • Long-term Reliability

 All its constituent parts and components are made of tough and durable materials such as hardwood. For this reason, the bed is very reliable in the long term.

  • Adequate Support

 The base of the bed is wide enough to provide adequate support to the mattress and the sleeper. Users are therefore spared of the dangers of falling off or skidding while asleep.

  • Lightweight

 It is comparatively light in weight (weighs 120 pounds/54 kg) and is as such easier to lift around and deploy to the intended location of use with ease.


  • Potentially Harmful

 This bed is padded with PVC foam which is potentially carcinogenic. Adequate precautions should thus be taken whenever the bed is being utilized.

  • Limited Use

 It lacks several equally important features. Moreover, it may not accommodate several accessories. The range of uses to which it may be put is thus limited.

  • Less Value for Money

 Owing to its limited use and lack of several elegant features, the acquisition of this bed returns a lower value for money.


This bed, as may be seen from the review above, is ideal for those cadres of users who simply want a multi-purpose bed that has some sense of touch and elegance.

In case you want a domestic bed that has some touch and elegance, this bed is yours for the taking.


10. Baxton Studio Hirst Platform Bed

Baxton Studio Hirst best Platform Beds

Beds come in a variety of costs. Each user is ordinarily endowed with unique financial resource endowment, which determines to a large extent the amount and quality of goods he may purchase. This bed is designed for the low-income earners who nevertheless still wish to leverage the benefits of a stylish bed.

Features and Benefits

Gray Linen Upholstery

Gray linen upholstery adorns the entire exterior of the bed. This upholstery is so breathtaking that it enhances the bedroom’s interior décor besides conferring the users some kind of visual appeal.

Hardwood and Medium-density Fiberboard Frame

The bed’s frame is made of the hardwood and the medium-density wood. Both are very tough and durable indeed. This means that on the whole, the bed is long-lasting and resistant to the elements of wear and tear.

Polyurethane Foam Padded

Its headboard, footboard, and side rails are padded using the Polyurethane foam. This foam is well known for its soft and comfortable nature, a fact that greatly bolsters its overall comfort.

Button Tufted Headboard

The headboard is equally tufted and is also accompanied by the silver nailhead trim. This tufting also contributes greatly to the overall comfort of the bed and its overall appearance.


  • Unparalleled Comfort

 On the whole, the bed is very comfortable given its highly padded nature. You the user are thus assured of uninterrupted sleep and overall experience.

  • Maximum Stability and Support

 The base area of the bed is pretty wide and stable. This presents very stable and sturdy support to the sleepers.

  • Very Cheap

 It is so far the cheapest of all the beds under consideration. It, therefore, falls within the budget space of just any user who may want it.

  • Higher Returns on Investment

Owing to its ability to exude several benefits at a time, its use returns a very high value on the amount of money invested.

  • Unhindered Convenience

It is on the whole low enough to allow for unhindered access and disembarking. This makes it all the more convenient for the users.


  • Cumbersome

 Given its very large size, it may be tricky and potentially cumbersome to move this bed as the situations may so demand.

  • Limited Applicability

 Its inability to accept and accommodate several accessories curtails the possible number of uses to which it may be put.

  • Huge Space Requirements

 The bed is so large that it requires plenty of space to fix. Users who lack the needed space may not derive as much value from it after all.


Potential users who lack strong financial muscle financial power clearly have this bed for their taking. This is because the bed has all the elegant features of the ideal bed but is cheap enough for just about anyone to buy.

In case you lack the strong financial muscle power needed to buy a more expensive and elegant bed, why not settle on this one? You will still stand to derive all the benefits after all!



The following are some of the factors to consider while on the lookout for the best platform beds:


These beds come in various sizes. The right kind of bed on the basis of this consideration should be that one which is large enough to accommodate all the intended users and is also compact enough to fit into the available space.


Just like size, these beds are also available in varied weights. The weight determines to a great extent the ease or lack of it with which they may be carried around or transported to the desired locale of use. In case you reside in a rented apartment and are hence more likely to move around, you may wish to acquire a lighter bed and vice versa.

Material Construction

This refers to the materials that constitute the frame, headboard, stands, and other crucial parts and components. They include such things as the padding and the finish. The right materials are those that are elegant, durable, and stylish. These include hardwood, Polyurethane padding, and veneer finish, among others.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

These beds come also at varying costs. Each user, on the other hand, is uniquely endowed with his own financial resource base. This base determines the quality and quantity of any goods that the user may purchase. It is therefore imperative that the user ascertains his financial strength and settles on that bed that falls within his budget.


Q1. What is a platform bed?
  1. It is basically a kind of bed that comprises a mattress which is supported by a platform and which sometimes contains drawers for extra storage.
Q2. What are the top brands/manufacturers of platform beds as of the year 2023?
  1. They are Fujian, Greatime, Impera, Napoli, Vitali, Dorian Norwich, Victoria, and Baxton. They should hence be given the topmost priority while making a purchase.
Q3.On average, how much does a good platform bed cost?
  1. The average cost should fall somewhere between $700 and $1,000.
Q4. What is the average lifespan of a good platform bed?
  1. With proper care and maintenance, a good platform bed should last no less than five years.
Q5. Apart from sleeping, what are the other uses/benefits of platform beds?
  1. They may enhance the aesthetics of the interior home décor, be folded into seats, and accommodate several attachments such as drawers to provide extra storage.
Q6. In what sizes do these beds come in?
  1. They come in the king-size capacity that generally measures 193 cm by 198 cm and the queen size variety that measure 60 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long
Q7. Which are the various factors to consider while making a purchase of the best platform beds?
  1. The size of the bed, the number of intended users, the cost, and material construction are some of the factors that determine the right choice of bed.


Well, the subject matter of best platform beds is pretty broad. There is absolutely no way, it could be exhausted in a single review of this kind. The pieces of information provided for should, therefore, act as the yardstick for further research.

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