BEST BUNK BEDS REVIEWS OF 2023 [Easy Quality Guide]

If you want to see the best bunk bed in one place, then you will love this article. All you need to do is carve out a few minutes and read the top 10 best bunk beds reviews.

There are several reasons why you need a bunk bed. Maybe you need to fit more kids in a bedroom, and you want extra space for guests, you need to utilize a small space and add seating. Or maybe you just want to make your kids’ bedroom cute and fun. The answer to all these problems? A bunk bed. The best bunk bed to be more precise.

Here we give you our ten picks of the top bunk beds. We’ve included what other buyers have liked and not liked about each. With this information, you can decide on which bunk bed is the best choice for you.

We’ve given you ten different best bunk bed styles to choose from. Each bunk bed is the winner of a different category to provide you with the most buying options.

Top 10 Best Bunk Beds Reviews

In this section, we have reviewed the top 10 best Bunk beds for you. Let’s see the list.

Top 10 Best Bunk Bed In Summary

#Bunk BedMaterialStorageDimensions(inches)Our Rating
1Wooden Twin Over FullWoodYes78 x 57 x 665.0/5.0
2Metal Twin Over FullMetalNo78.3 x 56.9 x 61.14.9/5.0
3Wooden Twin Over TwinWoodNo78.5 x 42.5 x 58.24.8/5.0
4Metal Twin Over TwinMetalNo76.2 x 41.3 x 60.84.7/5.0
5Twin Over FutonMetalNo78 x 56.5 x 61.54.9/5.0
6Twin Over Twin With StepsWoodYes98 x 43 x 685.0/5.0
7Convertible Twin Over TwinWoodNo78.8 x 43.8 x 64.64.8/5.0
8Clubhouse Style Bunk BedWoodNo90 x 43 x 774.9/5.0
9Twin Over QueenWoodYes86.8 x 64.8 x 71.85.0/5.0
10Full Over FullWoodNo82 x 60.8 x 655.0/5.0

1. Best Wooden Twin Over Full Bunk Bed – perfect for three person

Best Wooden Twin Over Full bunk bed

There are many pieces of furniture out there that claim to be real wood. Often these have a veneer over pressed wood.

However, this twin over full bed truly is real wood. It is made of solid wood which has been stained a rich Merlot. This bed will complement many types of decor, and it is durable.

With three drawers underneath the bed, this piece will add extra storage to your room. These drawers are 25 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

The top bunk includes a safety rail and accommodates up to an 8-inch mattress. Mattresses are not included.

The attached ladder is situated at the front of the bed for ease of access. The ladder blends in nicely with the design of this bunk bed. It can be installed on either end of the bed. This bunk bed is one of the best bunk beds for twins over full on the market.

What everybody liked

Buyers of this bed were impressed with the sturdiness of this bed. Even with adults on the top with the sturdiness of this bed. Even with adults on the top bunk, there is no sagging or swaying.

It is a beautiful bed at a great price, they reported. Many also said it is easy to assemble, but you do need two people to do the assembly.

What everybody didn’t like

There were a few negative reports on this bed. Some people had issues with the bed being damaged in shipping. It is not reported how well this bed was packaged to be shipped, so it is possible that damage is the fault of the shipping company.

One buyer had an issue with a small child being able to cause the whole bed to sway from the top bunk. However, based on many positive reviews stating the sturdiness of this bed, this case was most likely an assembly error. Although this is the best bunk bed of wooden twin over full.


Though there are a few negative reviews on this bed they are outweighed by positive reviews. A few had issues with damage in shipping, but more did not. One had issues with flimsiness, many more praised the sturdiness.

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives on this bed. With its beautiful design and added storage, it is a great choice for a bunk bed of its class.


2. Best Metal Twin Over Full bunk bed – best for adults

Best Metal Twin Over Full bunk bed

This black metal bunk bed has two built-in ladders, one on each end of the bed. This allows for multiple placement options in your room.

No box spring is needed for this bed. This allows for more space underneath the bed. You have many storage options with the open space.

You can add your own baskets, boxes, and more. The top bunk has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. The bottom bunk has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

This twin over full is definitely one of the sturdier metal bunk beds on the market. Mattresses are not included with this bed. This is one of the high ranked bunk beds by customer reviews.

What everybody liked

Some buyers reported being able to fit a queen size mattress on the bottom bunk. Others reported this was not possible. The type of mattress probably has something to do with this discretion. One of the best bunk beds for adults.

A memory foam mattress or another mattress with some give would be the most likely options to fit. In any case, those that were able to get a queen mattress on said it is a tight fit, and it is difficult to change the sheets. Buyers reported this bed is sturdy if assembled correctly.

Assembly is easy because of the clear instructions. This bed is well-liked because it looks nice for the price.

What everybody didn’t like

Interestingly, other buyers reported opposite feelings about this bed. Many felt like there were a lot of assemblies and found the instructions to be unclear.

Some reported having difficulty with the assembly of this bed as many of the holes do not line up well. Buyers reported finding some poles dented or bent, which likely happened during shipping. It was also reported that the hardware to put this bed together is “soft” and of poor quality.

The rails on the top bunk of this bed are rather short, which some buyers found to be an issue and stated the top bunk of this bed is not great for young children. Some buyers found this bed wobbly, while others found it to be squeaky but sturdy.


With this bed, unclear instructions may lead to incorrect assembly and a bed that is squeaky or wobbly. But if assembled correctly, with its high weight capacity, this bed is a sturdy bed.

If you are looking for a metal twin over full bunk bed this is a great option for you.


3. Best Wooden Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed – best for adolescent kids

Best Wooden Twin Over Twin bunk bed

This beautiful wooden twin over twin bunk bed comes in a dark espresso color. This color makes this bed work well for boys or girls.

The versatility is great, and can even be handed down to your other children or grandchildren. It has wooden bed slat rolls and each bed will safely hold up to 165 pounds.

The most impressive feature of this bed is its ladder. With most bunk beds you will see a ladder that is attached to the bed and is a climb straight up.

Often the rungs of the ladder are very uncomfortable on your feet as well. This bed, however, has a ladder that is removable which gives you more customization options.

The ladder is angled which makes for a much easier climb to the top bunk. The angle makes for safer climbing as well. The rungs of this ladder are wide and flat making it much more comfortable on your feet. This is one of the top bunk beds for kids.

What everybody liked

People who bought this bed liked the durability of it. Buyers reported it is made of good material.

What everybody didn’t like

Some buyers received their bed without instructions. Many who did receive the instructions said they need improvement. This bed does not come with extra hardware.

One buyer reported that not all boards were labeled. It is unclear if this was a defect or is an issue for all.


This bed does convert into two separate twin beds. But because of its comfortable ladder, we chose this bed as the best wooden twin over twin. With its low weight capacity and twin beds, this is a good option for young children.

It should hold up well for them until their teenage years when it can be passed along.


4. Best Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed – best for a small room

Best Bunk Bed Metal Twin Over Twin bunk bed

This black metal twin over twin has a sleek, modern design. The patent-pending quick lock technology this bed uses allows for easy assembly.

You can have this bed put together in under an hour. There is no need for a box spring with this bed. This is thanks to its strong steel support.

The top bunk has a weight limit of 200 pounds and the bottom bunk has a weight limit of 225 pounds. Mattresses are sold separately, but this bed does come with two ladders.

These ladders are on each end of the bed and are integrated into the design of the bed.

What everybody liked

This bed is easy to put together. The assembly instructions are clear and easy to understand. With no reports of unclear instructions, this may be the only bunk bed made that actually has clear instructions that anyone can understand.

It even comes with spare parts, which impressed several buyers. This bed is lightweight which makes it easy to move around for cleaning. It is reported to be sturdy for an eight-year-old. There are 20 support beams under each bed, which is more than many bunk beds.

Buyers raved about the design and looks of this bed. Words such as nice, awesome, and sharp were used to describe how it looks.

What everybody didn’t like

The same buyer that liked that this bed is easy to move for cleaning also didn’t like that this bed wobbles as you get closer to the weight limit. Several buyers stated this bed is not good for teenagers.

Some said it is great for kids ages 6 to 11, but as they reach the teenage years this bed becomes less sturdy. As it becomes less sturdy this bed sways when you climb the ladder. When one teenager turns over or moves during the night it seems to wake the other teenager up.

This is not good if you want to avoid late-night arguments. One buyer reported that the screws didn’t fit the holes properly so they hammered them in. This makes us cringe. Especially for a bed, their child will be sleeping in!


This bed may not be the best choice for teenagers. But it is a great choice for younger kids. This bed has no ratings lower than 3 stars and is well-liked for kids ages 6 to 11.

For these reasons, this bed is the obvious choice for the best metal twin over twin bunk bed.


5. Best Twin Over Futon Bunk Bed – sofa, extra bed, and handy when guests

Best Bunk Bed Twin Over Futon bunk bed

The black metal and rounded design make this bed stylish and contemporary. This bed has an upper twin mattress and a futon underneath.

The futon has a child-proof mechanism and easily converts into a full-size sleeper. This bed is great for extra seating, but also gives you an extra bed when you have guests over.

A side ladder and upper guard rails are included. This adds to the safety of the bed, which conforms to the latest consumer product safety standards.

The top bunk has a 200-pound weight limit, while the futon has a 500-pound weight limit. Mattresses for the bed nor the futon are included.

What everybody liked

Buyers feel like this bed is a good buy for the price. They also reported it is sturdier than most bunk beds. It does have double the usual amount of support bars, which adds to the sturdiness of the bed.

Buyers also liked the integrated ladder and felt that it is safer than a removable ladder and this is also best bunk bed of twin over futon.

What everybody didn’t like

Though buyers love that this bed includes a futon underneath, some did have problems with it. Several reported that it is difficult to get the futon to latch in an upright position after having been laid down.

One buyer offered the conclusion that this is likely due to a new futon mattress that just needs to be broken in. The bed does have to be away from the wall a bit for the futon to fold out. It is reported to be heavy. So moving the bed out just when the futon needs to be used seems like it would not work very well.

Some buyers reported that this bed wobbles when climbing up and down. There were several issues with the assembly such as holes that are misaligned, bent pieces, and poor quality screws. One buyer reported having to tighten the screws often and that the bolts eventually broke off with only a 75-pound child using the bed.


Though some found this bed to be wobbly, much more commented on its sturdiness. That, coupled with its safety features and its value for the cost led us to chose this bed as the best twin over futon bunk bed.


6. Best Twin Over Twin With Steps Bunk Bed – quality, beauty and extra storage

Best Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin With Steps bunk bed

This bed is a hefty piece of furniture. Its espresso finish and nice design make this a beautiful piece as well. This twin over twin bunk bed fits 7-inch mattresses.

It has a built-in stairway to the right of the bed. Under the stairs are built in storage drawers. Under the bottom bunk is a trundle bed.

What everybody liked

Buyers love the staircase on this bed. It makes this bunk bed so much safer for small children to climb up to the top bunk. Buyers also liked the quality of this bed.

They commented on the beauty of it and reported that it is well made. Even with the great quality and looks of this bed, it is a great price too. Buyers said it is easy to put together.

They were also impressed by the small things such as the drawer stops. These keep the storage drawers from pulling all the way out and possibly hurting children.

What everybody didn’t like

One of the biggest issues buyers had with this bed is that the trundle bed doesn’t have a lot of support for the mattress. It is reported that the slats are easily broken. Some even said the Trundle cannot be used as a bed, only as storage. A piece of plywood under the bed or some extra supports added in may solve this problem.

Other buyers had problems with their shipment arriving with cracked wood and scratched pieces. One buyer even reported mold on the box and on some pieces of the bed.


Due to the quality of the trundle bed, you may not be able to get three beds out of this piece. But the safety aspect of the stairs, and the beautiful design likely more than make up for that. Because of the good reviews and good price we chose this bed as the best twin over twin with steps.


7. Best Convertible Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed – best for school-aged kidsBest Bunk Bed Convertible Twin Over Twin bunk bed

This bed can be used as a bunk bed or as two separate twin beds. The versatility is great and it is easy to convert between the two.

This bed is made of solid wood with an espresso finish. It does include a ladder. For safety, the ladder is a 4-step ladder.

This bed is designed to be used with standard twin-sized coil spring mattresses, which are not included. Both beds do have a weight limit of 165 pounds.

What everybody liked

Buyers love the option to have this bed as a bunk bed or two twins. They also said it is a beautiful bed that is worth the investment. It is one of the top bunk beds for a small room.

Buyers reported that the bed comes with everything needed to put it together and that assembly is easy. They did comment that it is sturdy as well.

What everybody didn’t like

The only negatives about this bed seemed to be incidental. One buyer reported that they ordered two beds. One came with hardware and one did not.

It is unclear if they meant the set with two beds or two sets. Perhaps all the hardware for both beds in the set is packaged together. The other issue buyers had is that some pieces arrived scratched.


This bed has no ratings less than 4 stars. That combined with the reported sturdiness made this bed the obvious choice for best convertible twin over twin.


8. Best Clubhouse Style Bunk Bed – best for preschooler kids

Best Bunk Bed Clubhouse Style bunk bed

This twin over twin clubhouse-style bed is made out of pine. It is painted with non-toxic paint in a light gray color. It has a 175-pound weight limit.

This bed does sit on the floor, meaning there is no space for storage underneath. It does come with storage pockets for small items. What it lacks in storage it makes up for with a fun and cute design.

The top bunk has a safety railing, a partial wall with a window, and a partial roof. Both the top and bottom bunk have green camo tent flaps that roll up and tie.

The ladder is on the front of this bed and adds to the clubhouse look.

What everybody liked

Of course, buyers like the way this bed looks. Who wouldn’t? They also reported that it is easy to build, which is surprising for a piece that does not look simple at all. Buyers also reported this bed is sturdy but also lightweight.

What everybody didn’t like

One buyer reported that some pieces did not come with pre-drilled holes. However, it is unclear if this is common or was a defect. Another buyer did not receive the camo tent flaps. The seller did send them to the buyer.


5 stars and buyers with very few negative comments make this bed the best clubhouse style bunk bed.


9. Best Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed – best for 2 adults and 1 kids

Best Bunk Bed Twin Over Queen bunk bed

This elegant twin-over queen bunk bed is made from solid wood and veneer. It has an elegant design and plenty of storage.

The optional trundle has drawers underneath, and without the trundle, you have an ample amount of storage space. The top bunk has rails that are tall enough to act as a safety guard and hold a twin xl mattress.

The ladder on this bed is secured to the bed for safety. Unfortunately, the ladder does not flow with the design of this bed. However, this is one of the top class bunk beds on the market.

What everybody liked

Buyers were impressed with the look of this bed. It is beautiful with wood that does not look cheap. Buyers said this bed exceeds expectations based on price. It is easy to assemble and sturdy.

One buyer reported it sleeps 2 adults and a child great. It is also one of the top bunk beds for adults.

What everybody did not like

Buyers consistently felt like the bottom bunk that is made to accommodate a trundle bed feels too high off the ground. Because the bottom bunk is so high it does not leave much head space between it and the top bunk.

One buyer reported a horrible chemical smell that didn’t go away even after months of use. Some buyers reported that the bed arrived damaged, directions were missing, and the support bars seem flimsy


The beautiful design and the option to add a trundle to this bed led us to choose this as the best twin over queen bed.


10. Best Full Over Full Bunk Bed – best for 4 adults/kids

Best Bunk Beds Full Over Full bunk bed

This gunmetal colored metal bunk bed is unique. It has a curved design, which makes this bed more sturdy than your traditional bunk bed.

It does have a 400-pound weight capacity for both the top and bottom bunks. The ladders are integrated into the design of this bed in such a way that you don’t even notice them until you take a second look.

There is a ladder on each long side of this bed. This is the type of bunk bed that doesn’t need to be up against a wall. It is beautiful with its contemporary style and design.

It can comfortably sit in the middle of a room as a showpiece or for convenience without looking odd. So this is one of the top quality bunk beds in full over full.

What everybody liked

Buyers liked the sturdiness of this bed. There is no squeaking when you climb up this bunk bed as there is with so many others. Buyers like the look of this bed and how well made it is. They also really like the ladder. This is also one of the excellent bunk beds for a small room.

It does have flat rungs, which is almost unheard of for a metal bunk bed. These rungs make it easy to climb up and down this bed. Buyers report there is plenty of headroom. One buyer even said these beds are perfect for their Air BnB!

What everybody didn’t like

Buyers reported this bed is challenging to put together. Perhaps that is owing to the sturdiness of it. One buyer had a “twisted” bed frame piece, which made the top bunk not sit straight. Buyers also reported that the color does not match the picture.


With the unique and beautiful design, high weight capacity, and sturdiness, this bed was the perfect choice for best full over full bunk bed. If you need to maximize space without the traditional bunk bed look, this is the perfect bed for you. Also, you can get the best bed set to decor the bed.


Frequently asked questions 

Use our list of top ten bunk beds and the five questions below to help you make your buying decision.

1. How many does the bed need to sleep, and how much room do you have?

Answer: Determine whether you need twins, fulls, a combination, or a twin and queen.

2. What do you need from the bed?

Answer: Determine whether you need more sleeping space, more seating space, a safer climb for your little ones, or fun for your kids’ room.

3. What age is this bed for?

Answer: Determine if you need this best bunk bed for children, teens, or adults and check weight limits on the beds.

4. Do you want wood or metal?

Answer: Determine if you need a bed that is sturdy or one that is lightweight. Also, take into account the style. Wood is more traditional looking while metal looks more contemporary.

5. How do you need to have the bed situated?

Answer: Determine if the placement of the ladder will matter. If you have a room where a bed will only fit a certain way, the ladder placement becomes vital. Some of the top bunk beds in our list have a front-facing ladder, some have ladders on each end, some have ladders you can move, and some have stairs that can only be set up one way.

6. Do you need to purchase a mattress?

Answer: Some bunk bed offer mattresses as included, and some not. So you should check it before making any purchase. Also, A mattress topper makes your mattress more comfortable.

Final Words

There are many types of beds in the market, such as daybedplatform bed, etc. But a bunk bed is most useful in some cases. The combination of our top 10 list of best bunk beds and our buying guide will help you determine which bunk bed is best for you and your family. We hope you find this guide full of helpful information and find the perfect and best bunk bed for you.


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