Guess who has the best box spring this year? See which models have the best box spring reviews in 2023 in our analysis report.

The fundamental rights of any human being are food, clothing, and shelter. The third right means that one needs somewhere to protect themselves from the cold and, most fundamentally, somewhere to sleep. A place you can run to after work and lay your head to rest after a tiresome day. After a hectic day of dealing with stubborn clients, hearing the constant buzzing office phones, and the clatter of pens to paper and machines all you want to do after that is have somewhere you can take a break from all that.

Therefore for most of us, having the best box spring is a necessity. However, there is one thing we ought to know, having a bed is not the end of it; you got to have compatibles of a foundation that make your sleep much more terrific. These include the right bed frame, mattress, and lastly, a suitable box spring. To ensure that you sleep more comfortably. That is why we have taken our time to make sure that you get to achieve that. Here is a list of the top ten best box springs that guarantee you comfortable sleep while making every shilling count.


Top 10 Best Box Spring In Summary

#Box SpringSizeThicknessWarrantyOur Rating
1Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box SpringTwin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, California King9 in5 Years4.8/5.0
2Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile FoundationTwin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, California King8 inNo4.9/5.0
3Classic Brands Instant Box SpringTwin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, California King4 inNo4.7/5.0
4Zinus High Profile Bi Fold Box SpringTwin, Full, Queen, Split King7.5 in5 Years5.0/5.0
55 Inch Low Profile Smart Box SpringTwin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, California King5 in5 Years4.8/5.0
6Zinus Low Profile Bi Fold Box SpringTwin, Full, Queen, Split King, Split California King4 in5 Years5.0/5.0
7Free Standing Smart Box SpringTwin, Full, Queen, King14 in5 Years4.8/5.0
8High Profile Bi Fold Box SpringTwin, Twin-XL, Full, Split King, Split California King9 in5 Years5.0/5.0
9Zinus Smart Box SpringTwin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, California King7 in5 Years4.9/5.0
10Signature Sleep Premium Steel Mattress FoundationTwin, Full, Queen, King8.5 inNo4.6/5.0

1. Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart best box spring

At first position, we chose the Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring as the best box spring due to its effectiveness. The latter has been rated five stars by the users due to its numerous benefits.

Selling from Amazon at an affordable price the box spring which is made from steel weighs only thirty-seven pounds. It has a height of nine inches which elevates your mattress even if your bed was low.

That ensures that you get to achieve the doctor’s recommended height for any bed. To assemble it, your hands alone will do. If it is giving you a hard time assembling, then you can always follow the user’s guide or the tutorial video on Amazon or the website of the company.

Due to its material, the box spring has been designed for permanence. It ensures your mattress the proper support it deserves and prevents it from getting slumped. It has an overall dimension in inches of (53x64x9) regarding the width, length, and height respectively. That basically means it can fit on any regular bed. Nevertheless, the manufacturer appreciates the need for diversity in shapes and sizes. That is why this box spring is not limited to the size stated earlier only. It comes in other sizes such as California King, Twin, Queen, and the normal King size bed.

Hence you need not worry if your bed is not a full size because you are also catered for. It is packed awesomely to give swift movements in tight spaces like the stairs or even hallways to your bedroom. It has an off-white color and can be delivered right to your doorstep at the touch of a button. However, Amazon does not ship it internationally.


2. Classic Brands Instant Foundation Regular Profile Foundation

Best Box Spring Classic Brands 8 Inch Instant Foundation Regular best box spring

Originating from the U.S is the eight-inch box spring which weighs fifty-four pounds and measures seventy-nine by about seventy-five inches in width. You are guaranteed satisfaction due to the 4.4-star rating that the buyers have given it.

The product comes with a warranty which you are free to consult with the company and come to an agreement. You can easily put it together on your own by following the instructions on the manual or tutorials found online. To assist you further tools required to assemble it are included in the package.

Therefore you will not have to look for any. It does not have any under-bed storage and also requires a bed frame so as to perform its function effectively. It supports any mattress thus eliminating the need of having to buy a new mattress when you already have one.

Classic Brands Instant Foundation comes in all sizes and has wooden slats to further enhance its effectiveness and increase the lifespan of your mattress. It has a compact package that is suitable for narrow spaces. Also owing to that it does not require freight delivery hence making it get to your easily and within the shortest time possible.

Does not squeak that only means it is noise-free. The height is just suitable for low-profile beds. The box spring is white in color and is made of wood and has an affordable price. It assures you the best sleep because it makes your mattress even. Due to its origin, those who are in the U.S are benefit because they will incur no shipping cost. So get yours today.


 3. Classic Brands Instant Box Spring

Best Box Spring Classic Brands 4 Inch Instant best box spring

In some instances, potential customers might be having high profile beds or even mattresses. That leaves them the dilemma of having to look for the best box springs which suit them. That is what sets the Classic Brands 4 Inch Instant Box Spring apart from many others out there. It has a height of four inches which make it a perfect match to high profile beds and mattresses.

The box spring has an attractive color which is some kind of beige whitish adding style and beauty to your bed. Designed from wood the spring has a width of about fifty three inches and a length of seventy four. Comes in all sizes ranging from king to the regular bed sizes and requires no tools for assembly.

It weighs approximately forty nine pounds. That makes it quite light to move around. Therefore it is suitable for when maybe you have to move to another house or room. You will not cause to others by calling them to help you carry it.

The box spring has wooden slats which scream durability. They have a spacing of 4 3/8 and a width of 2 ½. Inches. Basically that means that you have to worry not about things falling through the spaces. It is made in the US but cannot be shipped internationally unless stated otherwise. To make it even more comfy it is advisable that you also buy bed and center support frames.

Customer Satisfaction

Just to assure you, customers who have bought and used it, seem to have no regrets and over the years they have given it a five star rating and numerous reviews. You might think that just because it is a low profile foundation, it is limited to high beds. Well no, if you are a person who adores going the low way, let not anyone prevent you from doing so by suggesting you get a high profile foundation.Use the Classic Brands Instant Box Spring to enhance that bed of yours for a much more comfortable and good night sleep. On top of the slats the box spring has a cotton cover which favors any kind of mattress and comes with three good years of worry free warranty.


4. Zinus High Profile BiFold Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus High Profile Bi Fold Box Spring

The Zinus 7.5 Inch High Profile Bi Fold Box Spring is one of the best box springs out there. Rated five stars it is fold-able and comes with a five years warranty. If that is not the best deal out there then your definition for a good deal is quite outdated. Because of its fold-able design, the bed has increased portability, therefore, suits anyone who is always moving.

By that, I mean someone who can never point out a certain location and say I live in the city called so and so. Someone whose job requires them to be on the move. Also, that feature not only suits such people but also those who have small spaces.

Reason being it has now increased the storage space due to its compactness. It measures 79×59.5×7.5 inches. That makes it appropriate for both low and high profile beds. It weighs thirty six pounds. That is quite a light weight box spring.

Origin of Bi Fold Box Spring

Its country of origin is China hence shipping rates apply according to your agreement with the seller. What makes it further unique is the fact that it requires no assembly! All you have to do is open and remove it from the box unfold it and Walla!! It is ready to fix to your bed frame. That not only saves you time but also energy. Owing to its firmness you can effortlessly move it in narrow spaces. It comes in three sizes and can be used with any mattress. Made out of steel and with a white color it is the best box spring you could ever get your parents.

You are probably wondering what might be the reason behind such a conclusion. Well, here is the answer; it has a traditional box spring which brings back those memories from back home. Therefore if you appreciate the need for embracing your roots get yourself this one. It also has a fabric cover and like many products from Zinus, it is quite affordable. The materials used to make it only spell one word DURABLE! It not only lasts long but also gives your mattress a longer life.


5. 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart best box spring

The white colored low profile box spring guarantees you satisfaction for many years. To prove this, the Zinus Company has given it five years warranty. It is easy to put together and comes with the necessary tools for assembly. It is made of steel which ensures strength and durability. Suits high profile beds and mattresses due to its five-inch height.

The box spring is usually shipped from China and comes in all sizes. These range from twin, queen California, full and the king-size. At just about thirty three pounds the box spring suits all mattresses such as memory foam, hybrid, spring and many others. That clears the worry of having to purchase a certain specific mattress.

It has just the required number of slats and compared to other box springs it does not need any center support frame. It can sustain itself efficiently. The only thing it requires is a bed frame. Hence it minimizes the cost, energy and time. Users of it are particularly pleased because for as long as they have used it, they have never experienced any squeaks. Again that is thanks to its steel frame.

It has a width of fifty-three and seventy-four inches of length. That makes it suitable for use with a mattress that is six inches thick. When it gets too difficult for you to assemble yourself, simply access the internet for free tutorials or use the instructions manual to get the procedure of how you go about it.


6. Zinus Low Profile Bi-Fold Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile Bi Fold best box spring

Have you been looking for a low profile box spring in such a long time that you have given up? Well there is good news for you because the Zinus four inch will finally put an end to your searching sprees.

Apart from being a low one, this box spring is foldable just like its name suggests. That only leads to one conclusion! It does not require assembly. It is therefore readily available to be put to use whenever it is delivered.

The fact that it is low profile means that it is compatible with high silhouette beds. That goes a long way in ensuring that your sleep is as comfy as you have ever wished for. The reason is it makes your mattress more even.

It has a traditional design and five years of anxiety-free assurance. The box spring is made of steel with an objective to make certain that you can trust it to hold your weight at night because it is sturdy enough. It fits to any bed and has no limits to what kind of mattress you should use because of any fits.

The box just like the title suggests has a height of four inches, roughly sixty inches width and seventy-nine inches of length. It weighs thirty-five pounds and unfortunately, it cannot be shipped internationally. To wrap up its features the bed is packed in a compact box which makes it much easier to be shipped and to carry in small spaces such as when you want to pass it through the door. Therefore it is very portable.


 7. Zinus Free Standing Smart Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus 14 Inch Free Standing Smart best box spring

Existing in all sizes is the Zinus 14 Inch Free Standing Smart Box Spring. It has a convenient and compressed packaging which indicates everything that is inside. It requires assembly. However, that should be the least of your worries because it has all the essential tools such as the user guide included.

The main aim of any business is to make sure that the buyer will not end up with regrets. If that happens they not only lose that client but also many other prospective customers who would have been attracted by the lost one.

Sleep revolution is no different. As an assurance that the fourteen-inch will not disappoint you, it is accompanied by five good year warranty. Whenever an issue arises all you have to do is let them know. That is the reason why the above box spring is made out of steel. To increase strength and stability.

You can now go to bed a worry-free person because your bed will not crumble under your weight. Similar to many others, home deliveries are also available. It weighs forty-eight pounds only and measures 59.5 by 79 by 14 inches respectively. the steel casing is covered with a nice fabric. Due to its performance, it has a four-point three-star rating. For its price, it is worth spending your money on.


8. Zinus High Profile BiFold Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold best box spring

The most striking feature of the box spring is the fabric cover which is gray. It is designed to fold and unfold at the user’s convenience. Comes in all sizes from the king to the most ordinary bed out there. It does not require any assembly so call it ready made. Originates from China, therefore, it may take about two extra business days before it to gets to you.

However, that is nothing to worry about as it delivered right to your door step and has free shipping. Thanks to the fact that it can be folded, the box spring eases movement through doors, corridors and many other compact places. It has an off white color and is quite a lightweight going at only forty five pounds.

The box spring measures 59.5 by 79 by 9 and unfortunately it is shipped within the territories of United States though other dealers may ship to other territories like Hawaii but not internationally. It has proven total satisfaction and earned itself a four point seven star rating. Made from steel the box spring promises resilience and strength.


9.  Zinus Smart Box Spring

Best Box Spring Zinus 7 Inch Smart best box spring

If you are a person who seriously dislikes bed squeaks then add the Zinus 7 Inch Smart Box Spring to your bed frame. It prevents such occurrences and ensures you sleep like a baby. It has a traditional look and serves the same function.

Therefore it not only gives your mattress longevity but also adds class to your bed. That makes the outlook of your bedroom in general much more chic. It comes with all the tools required for assembly and the process of doing so is as easy as one plus one is equals to two.

The structure of it being steel ensures that it lasts long and hence minimizing the cost of buying another one. To further boost your faith in it is five years worth of warranty. This covers any damages that the box spring might cause to your mattress.

Also when something arises and it breaks. Which has zero percent chance of happening. It accommodates any mattress and is present in all dimensions. It is quite light weighing only twenty eight pounds. Due to its height it suits both low and high profile beds and related components. Its measurement lengthwise is seventy four and the distance across of thirty eight. That is in the case of twin sized. For the others feel free to access the link above.


10. Signature Sleep Premium Steel Mattress Foundation

Best Box Spring Signature Sleep Premium Steel best box spring

Closing the list of our top ten box springs is the Signature Sleep 8.5″ Premium Steel Mattress Foundation. It has a weight limit of five hundred pounds for the king sized one, four hundred and fifty for the full one and two hundred and twenty five for the twin size. To find more about others follow the link provided in the check price. It holds up any kind of mattress and is made out of metal and its six inch height fits high profile beds perfectly!

Another significant thing about it is that it has a removable cover which has a chevron design which is black in color. Therefore it complements any bedroom décor. That saves you the trouble of having to look for colors that suit your interior decoration. The box spring weighs forty-three pounds and has a width of twenty-eight inches, and a length of thirty-nine in similar units. It has been rated five stars and its country of origin is China.


Buying Guide of Box Spring

Best Box Spring

Many businesses are more than often established to generate profits and that is all that matters to them. Once they get to complete the transaction that is the end of it. That is why we have put together a list of facts that you should have in mind before making any purchase


Do not do impulse purchases just because you have money. You should first ask yourself whether the box spring is really worth being sold at that price. And if you are on a budget, do not worry because there are plenty of high quality box springs in the market. They will suit you very well and at a very pocket friendly price. for that reason consider whether it is worth going for.

Do you need it?

After you consider the price and you think it is worth it, focus on your needs. That is because some bed frames are quite okay to use without the box spring. In such a case, the best box spring might have no effect on how the bed was before. So before you get it consider the features of your bed to avoid wastage and furthermore regrets.

Know the measurements of your bed frame and mattress

To avoid buying anything that you might end up throwing in the store learn what you need first. You do not want to end up with frustrations after purchasing it only to find out it is either smaller or bigger than your bed frame or mattress. Also your bed height is an important factor to consider. You have to keep that in mind so you do not end up getting something that will increase it in such a way that it becomes a difficult task to get on it.


Currently there are so many box springs in the market. Many others are arising day after day. If you just wake up one morning and decide am getting myself one then you might end up in a dilemma after you find many that you like. Thus before anything do a research, make up your mind on what you want then you can now go and buy it. Being aware of what you want will save your time because you will request for it directly.

Terms and conditions

With the many businesses popping from every side you turn comes different terms and conditions. Each business trying to outdo the other by having more favorable terms. Terms include warranties. So when you want to pick the company you are going to purchase a box spring from, consider the one that has the most favorable terms. For instance the longer the warranty the better quality of the products is. Hence go for that one which suits you better.

Do not overlook the materials used

Many box springs usually have a covering on them. You should know what fabric it is and how it affects your mattress. Also, they affect the outlook of our bedrooms. Before buying any, look at whether the fabric color matches your decor.

Pros of a good box spring


Just like a home is not complete without people to live in, a bed too without a box spring lacks completion. Therefore a box spring makes the bed much more complete giving it a sleek look.


Most box springs increase the life span of your bed and even the mattress. That is made possible by the fact that most of them are usually made of steel thus cannot break easily and cannot make your mattress slump.

Health benefits

Good sleep is an assurance of good health. When you use a box spring you are able to sleep well because your weight is evenly spread on your bed. Offering required support and a worry free night.

Commendable height. A box spring helps you attain the recommended height for low profile beds.

Cons of a good Box Spring

Most of them are quite expensive and some people think it’s cheaper buying a platform bed rather than it

Wide variety encourages impulse buying.

They do not leave much room under the bed that can be used as storage for people with small bedroom spaces.

Compared to other options that serve the same purpose such as a platform bed, they are somewhat difficult to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is best box spring?

It is a set of coiled springs covered with fabrics. They are strong enough and they give extra support to your mattress preventing it from getting sagged and at the same time offer even distribution of your weight on the mattress.

2. How big should a box spring be?

Basically, it should be big enough to fit your bed frame and to hold your mattress efficiently.

3. How do I know if I need the best box spring?

– If your bed is not a platform then you need it.

– When it is a necessity when you buy specific bed types

– If your bed is not supporting your weight well or it squeaks a lot then you should consider getting it.

4. What brand is the best

It all depends on the terms and conditions that are most suitable for you and also it is all about whether the box spring covers your needs efficiently.

5. Is there any difference between a box spring and a platform bed?

Yes, there is a difference. A box spring is bought separately with your bed and it is much stronger since it is usually made from steel. While most platform beds are made of wooden slants. Either way, it is also important to consider what works for you best.

6. What height should a box spring be?

Your box spring should neither make your bed too high nor too low. So you should keep in mind the height of your bed before getting yourself any. In fact, it is the most important factor to consider before getting you a box spring.

Final Words

For a good night sleep a good bed and all the related components matter. Therefore you should make getting the best box spring one of your priorities. If you mess up your sleep is also ruined. The best box springs we have highlighted are just but a few of those available. To find out what suits you today and go for it. That will go a long way in ensuring that you are focused during the day and also stabilize your weight among other health benefits. Accept the challenge today for a better tomorrow.

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