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When it comes to selecting the perfect bed frame it can prove to be a bit of a daunting task. Thanks, in part, to the numerous amounts of bed frame types, styles, designs, and bed frame sizes. These are almost always readily available. Furthermore, is the fact that there are frames that are made from different types of metal and wood. Additionally, the option is always open to a DIE type project and that will allow you to get the exact style and design you are looking for at a price that can be afforded.

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However, going this route may lead to adventure even for the seasoned craftsman! This article will make every effort to make things a bit easier. By providing a briefly detailed sample of a few different designs and styles of the various frames made specifically for beds. Also discussed in this article will be a simplified instruction guide on how to assemble a bed frame and provide some additional information on some of the most commonly available and requested bed frame spare parts. Finally, this article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages offered by a bed frame that has built-in storage.

Bed Frame Types Styles and Assembly

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Single Twin Bed

Ideal for one small child or adult, this frame will feel as though you are sleeping on a postage stamp. However, the single twin bed is the perfect solution for small spaces as well as for use when guests spend the night. This bed frame is common with bunk beds.

Large Twin Bed

5″ longer than the standard twin bed frame, this particular frame is an excellent choice for taller children and adults alike. This frame measures roughly 40″ x 80 and is considered the same length measurement as a queen or king frame.

Double Bed

No feeling of rolling off the edge of a cliff with this bed frame as it is considered as a full frame. This double bed frame is perfect for two adults and is the same length as a standard twin bed. This bed frame is also an ideal space saver for smaller rooms although it can also be used in a guest room.

Queen Bed

This particular frame is among the popular bed frame types sold nearly everywhere. It is the perfect choice for those seeking to save living space and can sleep either two adults or a single if you prefer to sprawl out! But choose the best queen bed frame is never easy.

King Bed

One key difference between a best queen and king size bed frame is found in the 16 inches of additional width on the king frame. Aside from the additional space for couples to relax comfortably, the king sized frame is perfect when sharing the bed with kids and pets.

California King Bed

Measured at 72″ x 80″, this bed frame does take up a lot of space in even a large bedroom, however, this particular bed frame will allow you to sleep like a king with plenty room to sprawl!

Platform Bed

Designed as a bed frame that is raised up further away from the ground, a platform bed provides flexible support that eliminates the need for the use of a box spring. The frame is level and is designed to support a single mattress. Many people say these bed frames are one of the best bed frames in the market.

Fold-able Bed

Constructed from a hinge design, a fold-able frame allows the bed to be neatly stored away when not in use. Ultimately, this not only keeps the bedroom cleaner but provides more living space This frame can be placed on wheels and stored in a closet as well.

Panel Bed

Constructed from flat panels of wood, each panel has grooves and/or molding to give the design of the headboard and foot-board a more traditional look. Additionally, panel beds are offered with a painted or wood stained finish.

Sleigh Bed

Originating from the 19th Century French and American Empires, the earliest sleigh beds were made from wood and feature a curve at the top of the head and foot boards. Today’s sleigh bed style is less emphasized in terms of the curves but is made from numerous amounts of different material.

Murphy Bed

Designed specifically to be stowed away in a vertical position, the murphy bed is a perfect solution for those seeking to save space. Murphy beds are constructed to fit neatly inside closets or cabinets but can also be constructed in many different ways.

Trundle Bed
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Another great solution for space saving needs, the trundle bed can best be described as a hideaway bed that is stored directly below the upper bed and is placed on small wheels so it can easily be pulled out when needed.

Standard Bed

When it comes to what a bed frame truly is it can’t get more basic than the standard bed frame. This particular frame is simple and is constructed from metal. Typically, fold-able and requiring assembly the standard bed frame holds a standard box spring and mattress.

Day Bed

Typically used in common areas of the home, the daybed is a versatile solution that can be used for anything from sleeping to lounging or reclining. Typically, the frame is either made from a combination of both wood and metal if not separately.

Poster Bed

Highly elaborate in its overall design, a poster bed can be identified by its four posts that are constructed on each of the four corners of the bed. While the majority of these bed frames are made from oak other materials have been used.

Canopy Bed

Hide under the shade of the canopy! Similar to that of a poster bed frame, a canopy bed frame is constructed in the same design with the addition of decorative material, such as decorative fabric placed between the posts. This allows for the area above the bed space to be covered.

Contemporary Bed

Representing a look that’s all about the here and now, the contemporary bed frame is typically constructed with no foot-board and is commonly made from modern materials, including wood. Furthermore, the overall contemporary look offers a modern take on furniture that offers a current look.

Traditional Bed

Presenting a throwback look of sorts, the traditional bed frame is an eclectic blend of style, material, and design all rolled into one. Invoking a look almost all on its own, the representation brings a touch of old fashion to a modern decor.

Modern Bed

Another frame that shows various similarities to a different style, this particular bed frame takes its cue from that of the contemporary frame, where the here and now are fully represented, and

offers a modern updated spin on the overall design.

Mission Bed

Designed with simplicity in mind, this bed frame shows off the horizontal and vertical panels that place an emphasize on the texture of the wood’s grain. The bed can be identified by its high headboard and low foot-board.

Cottage Bed

Another simplistic design, the cottage bed frame is typically painted but also consists of a headboard that has had elaborately detailed carvings carved into the headboard’s surface. Additionally, this frame’s headboards are usually large in size.

Country Bed

Best described as a look that is designed with rich tones and textures, the country bed frame also takes its cues from various traditional designs and puts its own flare of American style to the overall design.

Vintage Bed

As with anything else described as being vintage, the vintage bed frame is best described as a throwback design that offers a flare of fashion from a particular time period that represented its popularity in style.

Coastal Bed

An elegant design in and of itself, the coastal bed is constructed with a lightly wooded material while the overall design places an emphasize on simplicity with slightly curved features found along the sides of the headboard.

Industrial Bed

Inspired by the industrial design of factories and the like, this industrial bed frame is unique in that it is simple yet bold with a utilitarian look. This type of frame is typically made of metal or steel.

Rustic Bed

Inspired by the old-fashioned rustic look this rustic bed frame takes its main inspiration from the outdoors with its dark wooden texture. Additionally, its rich colorful tone gives the simple design a country look. The design features a high headboard with a low footboard.

Scandinavian Bed

Featuring a simplistic design, the Scandinavian bed frame design is built more for its functionality than it is for any other need and purpose. This includes eliminating the need for excessive attachments and elaborate decorative designs.

Mid-Century Bed

Resembled as a traditional bed frame style, the mid-century bed frame features a sleek headboard and overall design that is highlighted by the wooden legs that seemingly streamline from the rest of the design. This design is simple and comfortable.

Metal Bed

Made to fit a more contemporary look, metal bed frames aren’t as versatile as their wooden counterparts but can easily be adjusted when needed. While they are a perfect compliment to any contemporary decor the best metal bed frame is also modern.

Wooden Bed

One of the most commonly used materials when constructing a bed frame, wooden bed frames, albeit self-explanatory, are easy to put together and are even a versatile material in that there are multiple designs that can be built with wood. Ultimately, wooden bed frames are almost always as hard as a rock!

Wicker Bed

A unique and interesting look all on its own, a wicker bed frame belongs in its own lane and (as such is neither contemporary nor modern). However, if the woven design were to be placed in any decor category it would most likely be traditional.

Upholstery Headboard Bed

No matter what the design style, incorporating an upholstered headboard accentuates any decor; especially contemporary and modern designs. Elegant in essence, this type of headboard provides a luxurious and decorative look sure to make the room pop.

Distressed Look Bed

A technique commonly used in many different home based projects, giving a bed frame a distressed look means to manipulate the wood in an effort to make it look as old as possible; much like the effect from sandpaper.

Storage Bed

For those seeking to increase the amount of available storage space going the storage bed frame route is the best option. Typically, storage bed frames house the storage area beneath the mattress, however, DIY projects prove that storage can be anywhere desired.

Bookcase Bed

A creative decoration to any room, a bookcase bed frame is a way to not only save space but to also incorporate a small bookshelf to be used as a headboard. This is somewhat of a modern contemporary design.

Light-up Headboard Bed

When seeking illumination for reading or gaining quick access to small items such as a watch a light-up headboard is a way to go. These particular headboards have low-density lights built directly into the headboard and are made out of just about any material type.


bed frame types

Although putting a bed frame together can involve any type of material and style for the purposes of demonstrating. How to assemble a bed frame the standard metal bed frame will be used as an example. First, you will need to lay the side frame pieces (one on each side) vertically. Also, gather up all other pieces and hardware needed to put the frame together.

After all the pieces are in front of you and your side rails are in place grab the frame piece for the top of the frame. As a result, attach it to each side frame that you previously set aside. If the frame pieces are fold-able you will simply click them in place from the middle.

Next, if your metal bed frame comes with a cross beam, a framed piece that provides additional support. You will need to place the beam in the middle of the frame width-wise and click it in place. If there is no way to secure it using nuts and bolts.

Finally, if the frame came with wheels or you are adding your own bed wheels there will be a hole. The hole at the bottom of each bed frame leg where each wheel can be attached and locked into place. Also, don’t forget to measure your frame for your exact mattress size so you get the perfect measured fit.

Bed Frame Spare Parts

When it comes to the multitude of various spare bed frame parts that are available there are several. One spare part type is various brackets that are made for nearly any type of bed. Brackets are used to make frames stable as well as hold mattresses in place.

An additional type of spare bed frame part that is typically available. Those are the various bed frame wheels and riser legs. While most wheels, especially for medical beds have a locked brake system built into the wheel riser legs. The wheel riser legs make adjusting the bed a breeze.

One final type of spare bed frame part worth mentioning here are the various attachment accessories. The various attachment accessories make it able for accessories to be added to a bed. While there are particular bed frames that are compatible one good example of the accessories. The accessories are attached to beds with the use of various attachment parts are side rails.

Bed Frame Storage Pros

Bed frame storage can prove to be beneficial, however, it too has its ups and downs; here are a few pros. One advantage to having bed frame storage is that you have more than enough storage space to deal with. Never again will there be an issue with storage space clogging up the living area.

Another advantage to having bed frame storage is that it all but eliminates unoccupied space. Space where clutter and dust commonly build up; under the bed. By placing storage space under the mattress you have an organized area to neatly store. As additional clothes, supplies, and other much-needed items.

One final advantage to having bed frame storage is that the amount of available storage. It can just as easily be incorporated into any type of bed frame design. It also makes the amount of storage space as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Plus on top of that whatever design you choose is sure to bring flair and style to any room.

Bed Frame Storage Cons

As with just about anything, there are typically disadvantages; no exception to the rule here. The first disadvantage involves the issue of transporting the storage bed frame when it comes time to move. Now if the frame is relatively small the problem is reduced. Nonetheless, moving storage beds are typically bulky so moving them in and out of rooms may prove to be tricky.

Additionally, another disadvantage is the issue with obtaining spare parts when a hinge or knob breaks. While this may not be an issue right away various bed frame parts may be difficult to find. Furthermore, the older the bed frame the more difficult it may be to find the part. Ultimately, this issue may prove to be costly in terms of continual fixing.


In conclusion, although there are a numerous amount of different bed frame types and styles bed frames can bring a certain degree of additional flair to the bedroom. The funny thing is the adventure of shopping around for the right bed frame. A bed frame also fits your decor and overall needs. Rather you opt for the contemporary or modern style. Also, you go for a more traditional look bed frames are relatively easy to assemble. Their spare parts fairly easy to find. A wide range of advantages and disadvantages to explore according to your setup.

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